Flood Relief

As a result of the worst floods in Sri Lanka during the past 14 years, many lives, families and homes have been devastated. With over 200 lives being lost, this calamity has left hundreds missing, injured and homeless. In the face of this disaster, individuals, institutions and organisations come together to offer help and bring relief to those affected, many of which call out for further assistance and provision to the general public.

The following are a few of such initiatives that you can choose to assist. Donate or volunteer, encourage or pray, every effort is appreciatively received in helping the victims through these difficult times.

United Charities

A foundation comprising of charitable organisations, concerned private individuals and companies, United Charities is a community that works towards making a difference in Sri Lanka - whatever the need.

Organisations associated with United Charities includes The Voice Foundation, Social, Cure Poverty, Anim8, Kindness Collective and Virtusa Polaris Sri Lanka.

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International Movement for Community Development, better known as IMCD works towards uplifting society and enhancing the lives of individuals as a result. Birthed in an alliance of youth, this organisation operates with the core principle of 'Form the Society, To the Society, With the Society.

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Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management

A-PAD SL is the Sri Lankan chapter of Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management. With a mission chiefly aimed at coordination and supporting disaster preparedness, prevention, mitigation, risk reduction and relief activities, the works of this trans-national disaster aid alliance involve humanitarian initiatives, advocacy and disaster management.

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Red Cross Society

A long-standing operation, Sri Lanka Red Cross Society covers all administrative districts of the country. Currently involved in both long and short term projects and programs in marginalised communities, Sri Lanka Red Cross Society also operates as disaster management and relief initiative working before, during and after disasters and health emergencies.

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Known as Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce organisers, Kapruka has since its inception earned its reputation as a dependable service provider. Kapruka Foundation’s Giving Back to Grass Roots projects also includes raising funds during crisis situations for relief work.

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Established by the Government of Sri Lanka, Disaster Management Center (DMC) operates under the Ministry of Disaster Management. Its Emergency Operating Center coordinates all incident information of disaster and resource management.

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The Ark

From a Church gathering on a Sunday morning to a community reaching out to the less fortunate, The Ark is dedicated to working with underprivileged, engaging in city transformation projects and supporting mission trips to share hope and love.

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Sarvodaya, Sri Lanka’s largest non-governmental entity born out of the inspiration of self-help, has been in existence since the late 1950s. The organisation works toward empowering the poorest of the poor and has a network that spans across Sri Lanka’s 25 administrative districts while being present in over 3,000 villages.

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People’s Church

A local chapter of the Assemblies of God People’s Church is considered the largest Christian network in Sri Lanka. With numerous branches of this Pentecostal denomination spread across the country, People’s Church, Assemblies of God not only works towards uplifting the Christian faith but is also dedicated to alleviating human suffering of underprivileged Sri Lankan communities.

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Sri Lanka Unites

With a vision of working towards a better Sri Lanka where people work as one regardless of ethnic and cultural barriers, Sri Lanka Unites is a representation of youth in Sri Lanka. This movement aims to spread hope and facilitate reconciliation in the country which in return will pave way for a peaceful and prosperous Sri Lanka for the future generation.

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Alliance Development Trust

The relief and development arm of the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL), Alliance Development Trust (ADT) facilitates community-based programmes and social welfare projects towards improving the living standards of victims of war, natural disasters and socially marginalised individuals.

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Committed to recognising and promoting acts of kindness and generosity, gudppl (Good People) is a social network with a vision of making a meaningful positive impact around the globe through volunteerism. This movement encourages people of all ages, skills and interests to participate with them in their acts of goodwill.

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Leads Sri Lanka

Established with the purpose of partnering with like-minded organisations to develop and implement programmes that will alleviate human suffering and promote wholeness, LEADS Sri Lanka, is a Non-Profit Organisation involved in emergency humanitarian aid, community development and child protection.

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